Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Christina Calayca

Christina Calayca's mother Elizabeth Rutledge clutches to hope that her daughter will be found after missing for over a year.

Christina a young woman of twenty years of age went on a camping trip with her cousin and two friends August 5, 2007. She was last seen August 6 by her friend Eddy Migue as they had split up on a jog together..

An extensive search of the area was conducted and all resources were pulled out in hopes to find the young daycare worker..But the search came up fruitless, no Christine.

"I have a lot of faith up until now that she is alive," says Elizabeth Rutledge "But there's also a lot of visionaries, and the visionaries say that .." the Toronto woman pauses, bracing herself. "... she's dead and she's murdered, so I don't know where."

Elizabeth believes her daughter was abducted even though the OPP does not suspect foul play.

So the question remains. Where is Christina? Was she abducted or did she leave on her own? Will Elizabeth Rutledge get the answers that she so desperatly seeks? Will a mothers heart ever be put at ease?


Delilah said...

This is a great story showing what a mother goes through when her child is missing, and you have done a great service to this mother by giving it some attention. Good job......

Jessie'sMomGlendene said...

Jessie Foster is my daughter that is missing. Here is something I have written:
The more I think about it, the harder it is for me to understand HOW DO I KEEP GOING AT ALL WHEN I HAVE A MISSING DAUGHTER. HOW?
I mean, I do know that I still have a husband, 3 other daughters, a granddaughter and a grandson on the way. And they all need me - I know that. And I know that I am not always there for them, even though I do try very hard and I do the best I can for what I have to live with inside my head (and the pain inside my heart that I keep mostly to myself because I know this type of grief would overwhelm most people, my family included...so they do not usually know how much I hurt and cry). It goes on day-after-day, hour-after-hour, minute-after-minute...and sadly, it is now even year-after-year.
BUT, HOW DO I DO IT? I do not have a clue. I do get strength from a lot of places. From parents who have lost a child to death...how do you go to your own child's funeral? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I could never do that. EVER. I would simply loose it. But then, others like my very best friend for over 20 years (since June 1987), BRENDA ROSE did what I could never do. She went to her son's funeral. JAMES ROBERT ROSE lived a lifetime in 16 short years, from July 22, 1986 to August 5, 2002. James was hit by a driver at the bottom of the family's driveway, right in front of her eyes. Brenda saw the soul of her son leave his body and go about 3 feet above her head...RIGHT INTO HEAVEN.
Ever since then, Brenda has said, "at least I know what happened...that he didn't suffer...that I have a place to visit him" - since then she has said many times, the worst thing possible would be to NOT KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILD IS. Then, a few years later Jessie went missing...Brenda's worst fears came true to me. My worst fears came true to her. We comfort each other all the time.
So, I guess the answer is, I go to bed at night, wake up in the morning, do what I can for my family and for Jessie's case, then I go to bed again that night...and so on, and so on, and so on.

Please help me find my Jessie...
INFO: PLEASE HELP ME. My Canadian daughter, Jessie Foster, born in Calgary, AB and raised mostly in Kamloops, BC went missing from her home at 1009 Cornerstone Place, North Las Vegas, NV USA (who goes missing from their home???) on March 29, 2006.

Jessie's case is in the hands of the Serious Crimes Division with the RCMP and she is an endangered missing person with the North Las Vegas police. Jessie's case info is also in the hands of ATLAS (unofficially - as without someone to come forward and testify in court...Jessie is not 'officially' a human trafficking victim). ATLAS is the Anti-Trafficking League Against Slavery task force in Las Vegas. They get every single bit of info that goes to the police. There is also a human trafficking office in British Columbia who has been informed of Jessie's case and the Edmonton Police Service is very well aware of who Jessica Foster is and also who Donald Vaz is (the person who took my daughter to the USA and the person we believe who is involved in what happened to Jessie after that).

Jessie's story has been told on the Geraldo Rivera at Large show on April 24, 2006; on the Maury Povich show on October 11, 2007; on the Montel Williams show on May 24, 2007 and updated on July 8, 2008. These shows have also been shown repeatedly over time. Her story has been told in dozens of newspaper articles and on TV & radio news and it is all over the Internet - just try Googling her name - you will get pages and pages of 10 links each with nothing but stories about my missing daughter. Go to www.google.ca or www.google.com and using quotation marks; type in: "missing Jessie Foster".

Jessie's story was going to be told on the Dr. Phil show, but I do not know what has happened with that. I still hope to hear back from them. And the Steve Wilkos show was interested in doing a show about Jessie's story, but decided to hold off on it...I also still hope to hear back from them.

Jessie's story came out last year in a Canadian book by author Lisa Wojna called: MISSING! The Disappeared, Lost or Abducted in Canada. Her story will also be told in another book: info TBA. And there is a cookbook coming out that will have stories of the missing with the recipes and Jessie's story will also be in that book.

We are waiting to hear when the National Enquirer will be printing the story they are doing about Jessie. I already did the interview with the reporter and we are waiting to hear when the paper will be printing it. They are not just doing a story...the reporter told me she talked to her editor about Jessie and they plan to do an appeal for Jessie. We are very grateful to this.

For more info on our case, we have a lot of info available. Our website is: www.jessiefoster.ca and we have a NowPublic site: http://members.nowpublic.com/jessiesmomglendene, a Facebook account (go to: http://www.facebook.com/ and search JESSIE FOSTER - facebook keeps disabling our accounts and I keep starting up a new on), a MySpace account: http://www.myspace.com/jessiesmomglendene and I have a blog: http://jessiefoster.blogspot.com/.

I do NOT stop my search for Jessie even for a day. If I am not talking to people about her case, I am sending messages to people to try to get more help. Whether it is from the police, the public, the media or an investigator. We pretty well talk to anyone who wants to listen. We fundraise to keep the investigation going and to have a reward. We have a $50,000 reward now; thanks to Jessie's father Dwight adding $40,000 to the $10,000 we raised. We will also continue to fundraise and we will continue to raise the reward if we need to.

WE NEED TO FIND JESSIE. She has me, her step-dad Jim, 3 sisters, 1 niece (just born on December 26, 2007) and I another of her sisters is due to have a baby December 28, 2008. JESSIE NEEDS TO BE FOUND...her sisters and their children need her, I NEED HER. Jessie also has her dad & step-mom Tracy and 2 step-sisters. They both are married and one has 3 children & one has 1 child. Jessie has only met 1 of her nephews & nieces. Jessie also has her grandpa (my dad), her grandma (her dad's mom), her step-grandpa (Jim's dad) and her step-grandma (Tracy's mom), numerous aunts, uncles and cousins...way to many to even try to name, for fear of missing anyone.

Jessie is a very popular person...during elementary and high school Jessie was always involved in sports, dance, work, family & friends. She has hundreds of people who know and love her who are waiting for her return and THOUSANDS of others who have come to love and pray for Jessie every day. WE NEED TO FIND JESSIE.

Thank you for your time, Glendene Grant.
EMAIL: jessiesmom@jessiefoster.ca or glendene@telus.net