Friday, October 3, 2008

Karen Jo Smith

This story of karen Jo Smith is a story that is personal to me.. Or should I say a story that I hold dear and personal. Although I have never met Karen Jo. Nor her parents.. I do however know her step mother Patti..

I have never met Patti in person. My first encounter with Patti was through team hope over the phone.

My two month old daughter was abducted by her own biological father.. He packed up some of her clothes and nebulizer while I had gone grocery shopping..And when I returned home they were gone.. Days later she was returned back to me.. But I was suffering with panic disorders due to the stress of my mothers abduction and murder..The abduction of my daughter had triggered it.. Trying to figure out how I could cope with everything I had recieved the number for HOPE from the victims advocate of CPD.

I called Team Hope and that is when my relationship with Patti was formed.. She helped me deal with my panic disorder and we talked alot about the abductions of my daughter and my mother..And with my story she told me hers.. Which is of Karen Jo Smith..
Five years later Patti and I still keep in touch and talk on the phone.

Here is the story of missing Karen Jo Smith.
Karen Jo Smith is a sibling of a sister named Kim and a brother named Chad. A daughter to Ed and Linda. Years down the road Karens father remarried a woman named Patti who became Karen Jo's step mom..

Like many normal children Karen grew up to become an adult. Married and had children..She birthed two beautiful children. A son named Brandon and a daughter named Stephanie.

While married to Steve Halcomb it was anything but perfect.. Karen was a victim of abuse. Abused by the hands of a man who vowed to love, charish and honor her, til death due them part..

Karen left and divorced Steve. And was on her way to a better life with her two children.. A life she had wanted and dreamed of.. A life Karen deserved.. She had a loving, caring family..A supportive family.

In August of 2002 Steve Halcomb had been released from prison on parole for a drug dealing conviction.

On December 27th 2002 Karen put her two children to bed.. Brandon at the time was thirteen years of age and Stephanie eight years of age.. The next morning the children got up to find their mother was gone. Little be known to the innocent children that the night before would be the very last time they would ever touch, smell, hear or feel their mother again.

Sometime that night Steve Halcomb forced Karen out of the house. Drove her somewhere and murdered her. Karen Jo Smith's remains have never been found.. She is still out there somewhere..

For her family this is hard to live and deal with. Especially for her children. It has been eight years now. And the question still remains. Where is precious Karen Jo Smith? When will she be discovered? Will her family ever be able to lay her to rest?

Steve Halcomb was charged and convicted of her murder and serving a prison sentence of 95 years.. You might as well say he is serving a life sentence. But is 95 years in prison enough justice for the hell he has put Karen and her family through? My opinion is NO! I think he should have recieved the death penalty myself.. But that is just my OWN opinion.

This is dedicated to Patti, Ed, Brandon, Stephanie, Kim, Chad, Linda and all of Karen Jo Smiths family members.. I hope that someday you will find Karen and bring her home and give her the proper buriel she so rightfully deserves! My thoughts are with you all, Every moment of everday! Love to you all..



Delilah said...

Now I know why Patty is so special, and special to you. I have not heard of this missing person and I am so glad that you are the one to tell her story.

Most of the missing mothers I write about have not been found....where do they hide them? How can they hide them so well? I just don't understand!

You have done a beautiful tribute to a beautiful mother and the story is woven into your own. I learn more about you every day. you

Maggie's Rose said...

My heart goes out to the entire family of Karen Jo Smith...especially her sweet children she tucked in that night...

There is no reason, how could anyone take a Mama away from her children.

But, in all things there is hope and I truly believe that having your heart (Ange) drawn to theirs will give them much needed peace...

xox xo

peonydoe said...

I met Karen's sister while hanging posters for another lady in Indy. She asked me who's poster was I hanging up and I told her Sandra House she has missing since 2010. She told me the story if her sister Karen. Her story hit me right in the heart. I am willing to help in any form or way. Please have one of them contact t me at Thank you.